Materials Handling

Tramp Iron Magnet design, installation and ongoing care are performed effectively through our capability in the Quarry, Mining and Port conveyor applications, including Hazardous Areas. 

Solutions to Prevent Damage from Nuisance Steel Items

J&R Magnetics provides solutions to ensure your Material Handling System is protected from damage caused by random pieces of iron and steel finding their way into the production line. These items may include roof bolts, bucket teeth, continuous miner picks, liner plates, and chain, often occurring in:

  • Coal Mines
  • Coal Ship Loading Terminals
  • Quarries
  • Demolition Recycling sites.

To address this applications, J&R Magnetics supplies and services Tramp Magnets including:

  • Overband Magnetic Separators
  • Drum Magnets
  • Suspension Magnets
  • Pulley Magnets

J&R Magnetics can Project Manage the turn-key solution, starting with assistance at conceptual design and scope, then onto detailed design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, documentation & training, and through-life support.

Our dedicated team is ready to help you with a solution to your Tramp Iron removal challenge. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.