J&R Magnetics has been designing solutions with Australian & New Zealand steel manufacturing and distribution leaders since the 1930's.  

Reliability in the Steel Industry since 1930

J&R Magnetics has provided the Australian & New Zealand Steel Industry with customised solutions and services since the 1930's for applications including:

  • Billet Lifting Magnets
  • Rail Lifting Magnets
  • Bundled Rod & Reo Handling Magnets
  • Slab Lifting Magnets
  • Plate Lifting Magnets
  • Slag Processing Magnets
  • Processed Scrap Handling Magnets
  • Drop Balling Magnets
  • Furnace Charging Magnets
  • Coke Oven Lid Control Magnets
  • Lifting, Turning and Stacking Magnets

These solutions can be applied to both Overhead Crane and Forklift systems.

J&R Magnetics design for cold product, and for 'just-rolled' steel at any temperature up to 600°C. The complete solution can be provided including single, twin, or multi magnet arrangements, motorised telescopic beams, power supply, and control systems.

J&R Magnetics can Project Manage the turn-key solution, starting with assistance at conceptual design and scope, then onto detailed design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, documentation & training, and through-life support.  

Our dedicated team is ready to help you with a solution to your Steel Lifting & Handling challenge. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.