J&R Magnetics has been designing and manufacturing Electromagnets in Sydney (Australia) since the 1930's. Our designs incorporate experience specific to the Steel, Recycling and Material Handling industries, ensuring maximum reliability, cost efficient manufacturing and local through-life support.

J&R Magnetics will explore your specific application, then design and manufacture the magnet to suit. This 'engineered to order' approach ensures the magnet is fit for the conditions, can be operated with the highest productivity, and survives the harsh environment with reliability that saves you the cost of downtime.

Where the application is routine, we are able to roll out a common design and reduce cost and lead-time. 

Through the application of controlled electrical current, our electromagnets have the ability to attract and hold ferrous materials with varying degrees of force. Our electromagnets also have the ability to release the item as required. Steel encased and filled with a high temperature potting material, our electromagnets deliver maximum performance.

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Lifting Magnets

Lifting Magnets provide a safe and efficient means of transferring steel products from one location to another, or positioning steel during fabrication. J&R Magnetics provide the turnkey design and installation including structural framework and beams, power supply, and operator console. 

Scrap Magnets

Scrap Magnets enable quick separation of ferrous material from other materials, usually by attachment to an excavator. J&R consults on the most effective magnet to do the job, designs and manufacturers the magnet, power supply and control unit, and can install and commission the system on your site.

Tramp Magnets

Tramp Magnets provide a continuous automated means of picking out any nuisance iron items, for example broken shovel teeth. J&R Magnetics advises on the application, and designs, manufacturers and installs the complete system.