Lifting Magnets

Lifting Magnets provide a safe and efficient means of transferring steel products from one location to another, or positioning steel during fabrication. J&R Magnetics provide the turnkey design and installation including structural framework and beams, power supply, and operator console. 

Magnet Beams for Steel Handling

J&R Magnetics design, manufacture & support both the Magnet and Beam aspect as well the Power Supply, for electromagnet crane systems. An example shown below is the re-commissioning of very old installation at a NSW Steel Mill.


A smaller application is this Beam designed to lift multiple pump castings at one time. It is being factory tested in the video. The Magnet array is battery operated (rechargeable), with a hand-held remote control (ie. similar to a car key fob). The complete system was custom designed to suit the client's specific need.


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