J&R Magnetics design and manufacture Electromagnets, Electromagnet Generator Sets, and Electromagnet Control Units. 

Design for Reliability

Our product reputation for Reliability stems from our late first and second generation leaders, Bill Rickard, Phillip Rickard and Justin Rickard.

This instilled value continues strongly today, with many of our staff into their second and third decade with the team.  


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J&R Magnetics has been designing and manufacturing Electromagnets in Sydney (Australia) since the 1930's. Our designs incorporate experience specific to the Steel, Recycling and Material Handling industries, ensuring maximum reliability, cost efficient manufacturing and local through-life support.

Electromagnet Generator Sets

In any system, the magnet requires a substantial and often independent source of power. J&R Magnetics designs, manufactures and installs the Generator arrangement that best suits your application.

Electromagnet Control Units

Critical to the reliability and productivity of your magnet is the Control Unit. J&R Magnetics has developed rugged designs that can be adapted to the available space on your excavator, forklift, crane, or conveyor.