J&R Magnetics has been serving the Sugar industry for many years through the support and overhaul of over-band separating magnets used in the crushing mills in Queensland. With our recent acquisition of Kingsmann Engineering, we now also offer the overhaul of Steam Turbines.  

Electromagnets & Steam Turbines in the Sugar Industry



J&R Magnetics being a Sydney based designer and manufacturer of Electromagnets since the 1930's also makes us one of the only workshops in Australia with the equipment and capability to completely overhaul large industrial electromagnets, and associated DC power supplies and control systems.

Our client's in the Sugar Mills of Queensland use over-band separating electromagnets (also called 'tramp magnets') to capture nuisance metal scrap before it does damage to the conveyor belts and down stream crushing and processing equipment.

Many of our services have involved routine oil change and minor mechanical damage repair, through to complete coil rewind.


Steam Turbines

Our clients in the Sugar industry also use steam turbines to power crushing, conveying and pumping equipment. J&R Magnetics in 2021 acquired Kingsmann Engineering, who for more than two decades demonstrated expertise in the refurbishment of turbine rotors for the Sugar and Petrochemical segments. With an experienced team including an expert from Toshiba's turbine operation, our typical scope for example includes:

  • Preserve shaft ends, set in Blast & Paint Chamber.
  • Abrasive blast clean to AS1627.4, (and eg. Class 2.5, media al. oxide 150gr.)
  • NDT
  • Set and complete dimensional inspections including run out inspection
  • Issue interim as found inspection/condition/dimensional report
  • Clean/Polish bearing journal sections
  • Clean/Polish thrust collar active and in-active faces
  • Replace bearings
  • Burnish vibration probe tracts 
  • Machine/blend shaft earth brush running track
  • Slow speed balance rotor  
  • Dynamic check balance rotor
  • Protect burnished probe tracts with non-residue leaving protective tape
  • Issue as left inspection/condition/dimensional report
  • Preserve, Pack, and load onto transport;


Our team is ready to help you with a solution to your Electromagnet & Steam Turbine challenges. Contact us here today to find out how we can help you.


Separating Electromagnet undergoing overhaul

IMG 7759


Steam Turbine rotors at overhaul completion

Steam Turbine overhaul