Electromagnet Power Supply & Control System

J&R Magnetics has developed a cost effective control system for Electromagnets used on cranes in Heavy Industry. 

Electromagnet Control System



Ageing and unsupported legacy systems that relied on proprietary electronic design are now one of the greatest reliability issues for industries using electromagnets.



J&R Magnetics has developed a modern open platform system that is cost effective, reliable and well supported like any other control system used in today's industrial environment. 


We have used readily available PLC's, HMI and Drives applied specifically to the control of large electromagnets, designed by our magnet experts teaming with our automation engineers. 


Track Record

The first system was successfully manufactured and installed in 2021 in a NSW steel making plant.

Similar simpler systems have been installed across two steel mills by the J&R team since 2016. 


Complete Solution

J&R Magnetics completely turn-key the assessment, design, manufacture, install, commission and ongoing service & support when it is required.


Contact us here today if you would like assistance to upgrade a poorly performing electromagnet power supply.

 Electromagnet Control System


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