J&R Magnetics, as experts in the field, provide a range of services to support your needs in design, programmed maintenance, repair, overhaul, hire and training. 

Our commitment doesn't stop

J&R Magnetics understands that for you to continue to deliver on your business commitments takes a competent team that care just as much. We provide a range of Services to support you before, during and well after the manufacturing of your Electromagnet System. 


Contact us today for support.

On-Site Service

We understand the logistics challenge when it comes to servicing your Electromagnet Systems. J&R Magnetics provides a range of services where we come to you ! 

Overhaul and Repairs

J&R Magnetics has extensive workshop facilities in Sydney and Wollongong, where we are capable not only to build a magnet from the ground up, but repair or completely overhaul your magnet cost effectively. 

Engineering and Consulting

J&R Magnetics is able to consult, advise, audit and design not only on your application, but across the electrical and mechanical aspects of your complete system.  


To support your temporary needs, J&R Magnetics' fleet of rental equipment is only a phone call away.


Electromagnetic Systems are quite specialised, and very effective when operated and maintained well. J&R Magnetics can support your team with quality instruction from our designers and technicians who live and work Electromagnetic Systems day in - day out !